What's In Your Jar?

My morning ritual typically consists of finding a mood lifting, hustle inducing, kick-you-in-the-ass video that will do exactly that; lift my mood, inspire lots of motivation and kick me in my aging derrière. While browsing through YouTube for a few wise pearls, this little nugget fell into my lap, or in my tub water, if you will. Brené Brown - The Anatomy of Trust

What an eye opening 24 minutes and 8 seconds, that reinforced and reminded me the type of human being I am striving to be every single day. Not to mention the human beings I want to surround myself with! Some days are good and some days, not so much. Regardless, I am a work in progress! The marble jar that Brené Brown mentions, had me thinking about my own jar. The immediate vision, that popped into my brain, was that of a traditional, large canning jar, brimming with an array of colorful marbles. At that moment I decided I had to find a great photo to post today, and share Brené Browns inspiring video. Seems simple enough, BUT, here’s the hiccup...my marble jar isn’t the jar that I described above. There is no photo, that I could find (when surfing the web) that represented my jacked-up, janky jar? All the photos I scrolled thru were pics of sparkling, sterile jars bursting with shiny, little marbles within. Frankly, it didn’t seem “true-to-me” to choose something so poised and perfect. I need a jar, that screams (with expletives no doubt) that it belongs to ME and not worry what others think of my chaotic, messy, life-behind-the-glass example. I envision MY jar having those amazing little marble moments and (holy jeeze), there are a ton of those!! But make no mistake, there’s a lot more, to my jar, than meets the eye. I’m not ashamed to say, that I’ve got some (other) major Life Items housed inside that glass cylinder too!

Those items? Simply defined, those items are called growth. We all have those not-so-ideal things that are a huge part of what makes us each unique in our own way. Most of us have that one chapter (or a few more, if we are being honest) we don’t want to read out loud. I mean, I stole a turtle when I was five years old (sorry mom), but that doesn’t define who I am today nor do I feel like I should have a scarlet T affixed to my chest. My turtle thievery is just the tip of the iceberg, but it’s yet another component that makes my jar what it is and let’s be honest, I learned from it. I no longer steal turtles, but rather will save their lives by flipping them back onto their feet when I see one teetering, upside down, on its shell. Am I trying to right my wrong? Maybe, but I don’t look at my beloved jar cargo as mistakes, regrets, shame, resentment, or facades. They are simply all the little things that make me, well, ME. Besides marbles, my jar is smudged with experience, contains more dirt than I’d like to admit, has some rocky elements, and is peppered throughout with lots of beautiful quotes, naughty memes, aspirations, pee-in-your-pants-laughter, dreams, half eaten cupcakes, and many, many precious mementos and keepsakes.

I see “my jar” laying on its side, with a little of that messy whirlwind spilling out...oh, and maybe an escaping turtle too? And you know what? I LOVE my messy marble jar, because it’s me. It’s not ideal. It’s not picturesque. It's not fancy, but it’s real. In a world full of so many trying to defame, sabotage, hurt, compete, cheat, embarrass, ridicule, prove their self worth by destroying another, (whether personal or professional), why not, instead, be “that marble” in someone's jar. A kind act, word, or gesture rarely costs much, if anything, except your time. I hope anyone, that takes the time to read this, will also invest 24 minutes and 8 seconds, of their day, to listen to the wise words from Brené. My hope, and take away, from all of this? I want to be that someone that gives another, a reason to add a marble to their “Jar of Journey”. (Jankiness available at no extra charge!) What’s in your Jar?

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