My Why

(And Why This Planner Is So Important In My Life & Waxing Biz)

On the great advice from Carolyn at The Wholesale Collective, she has encouraged me to share “My Why,” on my website, and to all of my followers. I’ve known, for quite some time, that this article would be an important addition to Organizing Your Oomph! but I've been dragging my feet, feeling that it may come across as biased and/or self-serving. A gentle nudge from Carolyn has my thought process redirected and, well (gulp)…here goes!

I am a planner, a list maker, an organizational nerd at heart! I’m that someone you know who loves to mark things off an ever growing list and will often rewrite, if my penmanship is a little off, I misspell something, have things out of order, or if the esthetic (of my list) isn’t up to par. With that, the next best thing to making a list is MARKING THINGS OFF! Who doesn’t love that blissful feeling when striking through item after item. I am passionate about paper, pencils, pens, colored pencils, highlighters and I will shout this from the roof tops:


My heart goes pitter-patter for paper, appointment books, calendars, planners, notebooks (big and small) and has become a colossal addiction! Because of this, I have always been on the hunt for that perfect planner that integrates life and biz between the front and back cover. There are so many AMAZING planners currently on the market. Beautiful covers, lovely quotes, pretty fonts, and motivation out the kazoo! I could easily lose my mind, and go broke, with the endless array of planners out there!

After almost a decade of building a very successful waxing business, I really wanted to invest in that “unicorns and rainbows” kinda planner that would undoubtedly change my life, make me an amazing Lady Boss, and help me get my messy life, and brain, together. But, here’s the’s tough to find that magical and mystical planner/appointment book/scheduling system/life changer all-in-one, that would (more specifically) allow me to schedule my busy clientele based business. Most planners give you an area the size of a postage stamp or saltine cracker (sorry, my stomach is growling) to plan your day. Once I realized my only options were the standard, no frills, yearly appointment book that allows you to book every 15 minutes from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm (yawn), I decided to throw together my own book, hippety-hop down to the local printing, big box store, have it printed, bound, and then get down to business! As I started the process to design my cute little black book, it went from less than 60 pages to a whopping 225! Quickly the pages graduated from the average, “dullsville” layout of day-to-day scheduling, and evolved to adding client sales, client totals, tips, mileage, reminders, goals, quotes, grocery lists, monthly budgeting, and the list of features goes on and on.

(Remember, this started out as something I was solely doing for myself, with no intention of possibly producing and/or marketing it?!)

After spending months (while I wasn’t sleeping or waxing) on developing this little fella, I finished the final touches, sat back, and stared at my computer screen. Surely I’m not the only person that needed this little jewel?

Now, let’s back up for a sec and let me explain why a paper based planner/appointment book is so important to moi. Obviously we live in a world of instant gratification. Online apps and booking systems are everywhere AND ARE SERIOUSLY A WONDERFUL BUSINESS don’t get this twisted. I swear I’m not “behind the times” as far as technology goes. I promise you, I do know how to run a computer and a smart phone. Nevertheless, due to the nature of my business and the fact that I run solo, choosing to utilize paper versus online is a safety thing for me. Unfortunately I’ve found out, first hand, just how many weirdos are out there and will try to book appointments under a false identity. Being a Brazilian Waxer, you can only imagine the irritating and nasty emails, texts, and phone calls from creeps and perv’s from far and wide. I’m no prude when it comes to my profession, and have a crazy sense of humor, but there’s a line. In lieu of that, I need a little more control over who I allow to book. I have to keep myself safe, not to mention the half-naked gal (on my table) safe too! My main Wax Me Happy location is nestled on our cattle ranch miles from town. I don’t work out of my home, but rather, have a small, separate office, on our ranch, where I see my clientele. This, in itself, is just another reason why I need to know who is booking a Brazilian BEFORE they walk thru the door at my waxing studio. Plus, I feel like I have a little more say (and power) over my schedule. Where one Brazilian appointment may only take 10 minutes, I may have another that takes a bit longer. In other words, I can fine-tune appointments as I deem necessary. There are no cookie cutter Brazilians in my’s not a “one-size-fits-all” kinda service!

So when people comment; “Oh my gawd, I didn’t realize people still used paper anymore?” Yes, (queue the eye roll) people still use paper and surprisingly enough, run very successful businesses doing so. There’s no right or’s just a choice, that’s all. I don’t shame those who utilize technology, so please refrain from shaming, those of us, who prefer not to. Jeesh!

Now, back to My Why...

Once I realized that I may have something that other beauty professionals could use to Organize Their Oomph, I threw caution into the wind and decided to go for it. So here we are today, with the second edition currently shipping, in English and Spanish no doubt, and slowly, but surely we are gaining momentum. To date, Organizing Your Oomph! has shipped to all 50 US States, it’s 5 major territories, not to mention 6 other countries!! That’s a big deal for this little Okie Waxer who started out only wanting to “Keep Oklahoma Smooth.

This little black book was designed specifically for professionals in the beauty industry. Created by an esthetician for ALL beauty, spa, and wellness pro’s! I live and breathe this book every single day, 365 days a year, through the good, the bad, and the hairy. In other words, I didn’t just pick a product to peddle as a side hustle. I truly believe in Organizing Your Oomph! I eat, sleep, live, and wax inside the pages of this book!

Of course I realize this will not fit everyone’s business, but I’ve tried my best to get as close as I can to make it usable for most. With the 2017 edition, I welcomed lots of compliments and suggestions on how I could tweak the planner to make it better for 2018. I saved ALL the correspondence from the 2017 sales, read and re-read everything, EVERYONE had to say…the good and, a little, of the not-so-good. If I want Organizing Your Oomph! to get better, I need to know what your needs are. I did a lot of refining for the 2018 Edition, the biggest request/update (biggest being the keyword) was making the planner larger than it’s previous edition from the year before. So if those of you are wondering why it's SO big, the "Oompher's" spoke and I listened! Next year, we may scale back the size a little depending on the stay tuned!

This planner will continually evolve, as those of you continue to invest in this all-in-one game changer. Thank you to all who have currently purchased or plan to do so in the future. Every time my email (on my phone) 🎶dings, with a planner purchase, you can bet your britches that this one-woman-show is doing a happy dance!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for supporting my small business.

Please do not hesitate to reach out…I truly would love to hear from you!




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