2021 Updates

(Can I raise both hands while jumping up and down?)

2020 brought with it, many unprecedented events that had many of us scrambling while trying to keep our businesses afloat and our bills paid. The financial hit many businesses took were crippling to say the least. Those who were able to reopen their doors, after months of sheltering in place, are beyond fortunate. So many just weren't able to weather the storm known as Covid-19. 

I made the choice to temporarily close the doors to my waxing studio Wax Me Happy a week before our Oklahoma Governor mandated all non-essential businesses to close. My closed sign was on the door for almost 2 months, and I know there are so many of you who were closed much longer than that.   

On May 1st, 2020, I was able to return to my world of brazilian waxing, all while having clients more than willing to follow my new restrictions, AND remind me that (to them) I was ESSENTIAL. Yes, I was one of the lucky ones! 

My time at home, allowed for a lot of time in my head, and many days my brain was a VERY scary place. I honestly didn't think there would be a future for a 2021 edition of Organizing Your Oomph!  and I had almost convinced myself to say goodbye and scrap all the growth that I worked the last 4 years for.  It didn't help that there was an annoying little meme going around that proclaimed that the worst investment made during 2020 was a planner. That certainly didn't help my constant back-and-forth tug of war. Ugggggggh! 

Because of everything above, plus a few extra plot twists, I thought long and hard about the future of Oomph and decided to do things differently for 2021.

For those die-hard, and loyal, Oomph fans, you are still going to get all the paper pages you've loved for the past 4 years, so get your pens and pencils ready! I'm just putting a different spin on this little black book (for 2021) that I hope will be well received, not to mention a few different options for those who don't need all the fluff, or prefer a dateless option. Oh! and did I mention LESS expensive?!?! Every penny counts right now, am I right?!


Organizing Your Oomph! will have the 2021 collection up and ready to go on Tuesday, September 15th, 2020. Right now there are a few hidden tabs, but please check back and stay tuned..... 




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Shaking Things Up

Things are looking a little different for the 2021 Edition of Organizing Your Oomph! For the past four years, Oomph has been professionally manufactured with all the bells and whistles. The 2017 thru 2020 editions of this little black book were showstoppers packed with vital business and scheduling content, not to mention all the gorgeous embellishments, because who doesn’t want an amazing planner, in a beautiful package, right?!  

Because of Covid-19 and the crazy that followed, the investment of time and money with the manufacturing process, had Oomph hitting a brick wall. Rather than step back completely, I decided to do things a little differently for 2021 and am hopeful that it will resonate with the majority who have been loyal to the brand for the past 4+ years.
The website has been updated with the 3 new Editions for 2021...

Original - AF - Manifest

With those 3 editions, you will also find 4 options that fit your business and lifestyle...



No Fluff

No Fluff & No Dates

All 12 options will be available in pdf format ONLY, for the 2021 season. There will be no hardcover versions available. This will allow for instant download from your computer/phone and will also come with a less expensive price tag! It is completely up to you how and where you decide to print. Oh, and you also get carte blanche on how to dress up your planner. Many big box supply chains offer printing and binding for those who do not have the resources, but there is also the option of selecting your very own 3 ring binder that showcases your individual personality or the branding of your business. Add a set of monthly tabbed dividers, and a pouch for your pens/pencils/highlighters and you have a custom, yet mindful, business tool.

I recently purchased a handful of three ring binders (photo props for the website), and now I am having a hard time not only deciding which version to choose, but also narrowing down which 3 ring binder to house it in. I’m going to date myself, by mentioning this, but I actually hunted for the 80’s iconic Trapper Keeper to use. I thought it would be a fun and nostalgic throwback, to showcase one of the versions, and to also bring a smile or two. Sadly, it seems my beloved Trapper Keeper is no longer in production, but boy did it ever take me back to the days of agonizing over what design to choose for the school year ahead. Waterfalls, playful kittens, rainbows and hearts, lazy puppies…(sigh)… As I am reminiscing, I can almost remember the smell of my 3 ringed, pocketed, and Velcro tabbed powerhouse. I would meticulously strategize, for hours on my bedroom floor, on how to efficiently get everything in order and housed in its proper place. Here we are, years later, doing the same for our businesses and the year ahead!

This is not a permanent change, but rather one where I am sticking my toe in the water and waiting to see how it is received. I am choosing to label it as a test run, if you will. Thank you, in advance, for taking a moment to stop by the Oomph website to check out the line-up. Lastly, many, many thanks to those of you who have already purchased! HUGE FAVOR! I would love it if you would send me a photo or quick video, to post, on how you decided to showcase your 2021 version. The visual will undoubtedly help and inspire others that need a little nudge.

The support, patience, and understanding shown to my small business, in the craziness we know as 2020, is beyond words. Let’s get 2020 behind us, and start a fresh, new chapter!  

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay organized!