Out With The Old And In With The New!











Organizing Your Oomph has recently made the news!!!!








 Here are just a few of the updated details for the 2019 Edition...      








There's always room for improvement...right?!


Thank you to those of you, who contacted OYO with suggestions on how we could make this planner even better for your life and your business. Without your suggestions, we can't get better, so thank you for that!

Due to an overwhelming positive response/feedback on the new larger size in 2018, we decided to stick with the same size and format for the 2019. 

Keep the suggestions coming on what we can do to make your Oomph, "oomphier!"

Stay tuned...

Stay tuned for more information on the 2019 layout. We will be updating the website with photos of the scheduling area and monthly calendars this week.




  • 2019 English Edition ready for pre-order!

  • Planner size is the same as last year!

  • More room for appointments.

  • Blank weekend option (in the scheduling area) for those who see clients on the weekend, but don't need pre-printed times.

  • More pages for notes.

  • Water, Tips, and Mileage tracking!

  • Pockets inside the front and back covers.

  • Check the About Us page for more information on what's inside the new 2019 edition.

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